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Providing Cutting-Edge Cancer Research Services Across Europe 

canSERV is an EU-funded project under the Horizon Europe programme that provides cutting edge, interdisciplinary and customised oncology services across the entire cancer continuum. The aim is to offer a comprehensive portfolio of oncology-related research services available to all scientists in EU member countries, associated countries and beyond.

The project unites a multidisciplinary consortium of 18 European partners, consisting of Research Infrastructures, key organisations in the field of oncology, project management and sustainability experts.

canSERV is coordinated by Prof. Jens K Habermann BBMRI-ERIC and brings together 13 research infrastructures and their connected service providers all across Europe with a total EU-funding of €14,8 million.

News and Updates

canSERV launches the 3rd Challenge Call

“Revolutionising Cancer Patient Care: Innovative Approaches to Research and Clinical Trials for Improved Treatment Outcomes”

Cancer Researchers world-wide are invited to apply for free access to cutting-edge transnational services. The primary objective of this call is to improving treatment and patients’ outcome through innovative ways to address clinical trials and research.

Projects submitted in response to this call should focus on one of the two topics…

Challenge Call “Reaching an Understanding of Cancer” is OPEN

Until 23rd July 2024, 2pm CEST cancer researchers world-wide are invited to apply for free access to cutting-edge transnational services with an indicative overall budget for this call of EUR 750.000. The primary objective of this call is to accelerate research and enhance knowledge on the understanding of cancer.

Release of canSERV project flyer

Release of canSERV project flyer
Facts and figures, project mission and much more information can now be found on our canSERV project flyer.

Download it here or watch out for the printed version on canSERV meetings, conferences and roadshows.

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The canSERV consortium will meet the needs of academic and industry users from the EU to create a more effective, streamlined and defragmented European oncology research infrastructure landscape.


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