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canSERV project material
canSERV MediaKit

The canSERV MediaKit contains:

  • canSERV Logo
  • canSERV Flyer
  • canSERV project presentation
  • EU-Logo
canSERV project flyer – Facts and Figures, it’s mission and more concised information can be found on our canSERV project flyer.

Please download the online version: canSERV-Flyer_VERTICAL

canSERV call material

canSERV Call material – Shareable for the open Challenge Calls 

canSERV Webinars
canSERV Education Open Call Webinar.

Topics are:

  • access to 400+ cancer research tools and services
  • Open Call for Transnational Service Provision
  • Application procedure
  • expert panel Q&A


Do you want to listen to the Webinar? Check here the Audiofile of the Webinar.