Field 8 – Clinical trials and design

This service provides clinical researchers and sponsors in the cancer community with support for the planning and design of complex cancer clinical trials (e.g., platform, basket, or umbrella trials). A multidisciplinary Clinical Trial Helpdesk is available to address any questions from investigators and sponsors wishing to utilize this service. Additionally, researchers can submit a proposal at any stage of development to receive support from our independent pool of oncology experts. To further assist clinical investigators, a toolbox will be available by the end of 2024.

When a user applies for this service, the consortium members will work together to ensure that the right experts are involved in reviewing the cancer research proposal received.
This support is available for:


  • Overall cancer clinical trial design and methodology, including planning of clinical trial, selection of a statistical model, control arm, etc.
  • Advising on obtaining regulatory and ethical approvals for the master protocol of platform trials
  • Study feasibilitySelection of sponsor and investigator sites, contracting, trial management support (CROs or clinical trial units)
  • Optimising patient compliance and involvement
  • Planning, collection, and usage of (control) data
  • Recommendations on data protection, sharing and reuse

Please note that this service does not include providing actual funding for conducting a cancer clinical trial, although advice on sponsors, possible funding options and trialbudgets can be provided.