Field 3 – Biomarker research, development, and validation

This field will provide access to cutting-edge and high-quality services (e.g., liquid biopsies, imaging biomarkers including radiomics, microbiomics, omics signatures, etc.) that will support the optimization of existing screening programs, the advancement of novel approaches for screening and early detection, identification of new biomarker sets, as well as will contribute to the development of novel therapeutics based on molecular predictors. Advanced approaches will provide the means to identify (multivariate) biomarker sets, ascertain whether biomarkers are reactive or causative, validate them and, ultimately, use them to, among the others, assist the design stratification or intervention strategies, and clinical decision support systems. Access to biomarker-related services will be provided by multiple institutions with solid expertise and capacity to cutting-edge technological services. Moreover, for services provided in this field to be successful, a close collaboration and cross-fertilisation with field 2 is needed. The two fields will work together in order to deliver complementary services for personalised approaches.