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Current Calls

Call for Service Provision on “Revolutionising Cancer Patient Care​” 

The canSERV Consortium is pleased to announce the launch of its 3rd Challenge-Driven Call onRevolutionising Cancer Patient Care: Innovative Approaches to Research and Clinical Trials for Improved Treatment Outcomes.

Cancer Researchers world-wide are invited to apply for free access to cutting-edge transnational services with an indicative overall budget for this call of EUR 600,000. The primary objective of this call is to improving treatment and patients’ outcome through innovative ways to address clinical trials and research. 


Submission Deadline: 28 August 2024, 2pm CEST


Call for Service Provision on “Reaching and Understanding of Cancer” 

The canSERV Consortium is pleased to announce the launch of its 2nd Challenge-Driven Call on “Reaching an Understanding of Cancer”. Cancer Researchers world-wide are invited to apply for free access to cutting-edge transnational services with an indicative overall budget for this call of EUR 750,000. The primary objective of this call is to accelerate research and enhance knowledge on the understanding of cancer.


Submission Deadline: CLOSED


Open Call for Transnational Service Provision

Under the canSERV Open Call researchers are welcome to apply to a portfolio of services offered by canSERV to address the research needs of the entire oncology developmental pipeline. 

Submission Deadline: CLOSED


Service Provision on
”Advancing Personalised Oncology” 

The canSERV Consortium announces its first Challenge-Call on “Advancing Personalised Oncology”. Cancer Researchers in, and outside the EU are invited to apply for free access to cutting-edge transnational services with an indicative overall budget of EUR 500,000. The aim of this call is to accelerate knowledge gain in personalised oncology with specific emphasis on multi-level data-based treatment guidance linked to Molecular Tumour Boards.

The projects supported under this call will support the advance and implementation of personalized medicine strategies for all cancer patients in Europe, contributing to the overarching goals of the Cancer Mission Board.


Submission Deadline: CLOSED


Scientific Strategy

Scientific Strategy 

All services provided by canSERV partners will be available to R&I projects and researchers to enhance research excellence and give equal user access opportunities to cutting edge cancer services.

Access will be through a single, user-friendly, intuitive, and fast-reactive TransNational and virtual Access (TNA) platform: CAMS. The TNA will be built on existing access tools and further developed as an overarching service integration platform providing service pipelines across RIs.

Relevant data resulting from services will be shared in a FAIR, (Findability, Accessibility, Interoperability and Reusability) legal, and ethically compliant way via data resources embedded in the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) and the upcoming Understanding Cancer Initiative (UNCAN.eu).



What is a CAMS?

The state-of-the-art online solution to enable the management of Transnational Access to our Research Infrastructures. The common access management system, CAMS, is the single point of access for users to find an effective and efficient way to access the relevant Research Infrastructure cancer services. We have integrated existing management systems and processes of each of the partner Research infrastructure in this common access point. CAMS provides a method for the selection of services, construction and submission of research proposals, multi-step review of research proposals, tracking of the access process from approval through delivery to conclusion, as well as reporting on each of these steps.


How to apply

TNA programmes are meant to optimise the use of European research capacities and allow scientists to access facilities, equipment, and resources that they do not have access to in their institution or at a national level. Scientists that wish to benefit from the support of canSERV are requested to submit proposals that will be evaluated based on their feasibility and scientific merit (independent peer review).

The canSERV project is a very new type of project that is almost entirely dedicated to providing support to scientific cancer communities. We are currently relying on temporary application modalities and procedures that will be improved as canSERV proceeds.

If there are open questions, please get in contact with us.

Ready to apply? – Here are our calls

Who can apply?

Support for TNA to the canSERV services can be provided to researchers from public and private entities worldwide.
Several limitations are applied to users from non-EU/Associated states as they can only represent 20% of the total budget dedicated by canSERV to TNA activities.
As the aim of TNA activities is to facilitate access to unique services and resources usually unavailable to most scientists, and to promote research with a cross-border dimension, selected projects must be conducted in a country different from that of the users’ affiliation.
Proposals can be submitted by a group of scientists. Young scientists (PhD students, post-doctoral or early career researchers), scientists with limited prior experience in using facilities or resources through TNA, and Small & Medium Enterprises (SME) are particularly welcome.


Disease Models

Disease Models

Advanced technologies for Personalised Oncology

Advanced Technologies for Personalised Oncology


Biomarker Research, Development, and Validation

New Therapeutics

New Therapeutic Solutions

Translation into Personalised Oncology Clinical Practice

Accelerated Translation into Personalised Oncology Clinical Practice

Digital Research Services

Open Digital Research Services

Public health measures

Access to Human Samples and Data

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials and design

Digital Research Services

Ethical, legal and socio-economic (ELSI) dimensions