Frequently Asked Question

FAQ for
Call for Service Provision on “Advancing Personalized Technology” 
Who can apply?

Researchers and entities listed in the call text can apply.

Researchers from Ukraine being an Associated Country to the Horizon Europe programme are explicitly encouraged to apply.
Russian nationals on an EU sanction list are excluded from this call.

What are the Molecular Tumor Boards?

MTBs are composed of highly interdisciplinary team of clinicians of various specialities as well as bioinformaticians and systems medicine experts to treat cancer patients for whom routine guideline therapies – applied through organ-specific tumour boards – did not help. MTBs operate at the interface between clinical routine and translational research.

How long can a service provision take?

The duration of stay at a research infrastructure must normally be limited to three months. There is a possibility that the completion of the service provision might take more than three months, in case it does not affect a longer physical stay, and in case it is indicated and justified clearly in the application.

Should the users’ country of origin be considered as a limitation for access to ERICs?

According to the Horizon rules, transnationality means scientists can only apply for TNA services outside of their home country. However, there is an exception for international organizations:

“The research team, or its majority, must work in countries other than the country(ies) where the infrastructure is located (when the infrastructure is composed of several research facilities, operated by different legal entities, this condition must apply to each facility) except when access is provided by an International organisation, the Joint Research Centre (JRC), an ERIC or similar legal entities with international membership.” (Horizon Europe Work Programme 2021-2022 3. Research Infrastructures (European Commission DecisionC(2022)2975 of 10 May 2022))

In which time frame I have to use the service?

If your proposal is successful, we expect the service to be offered and finalized within 3 months. If the experiment takes longer than 3 months, then our TNA Access Managers, who will support you along the way to get access to the service, will inform the canSERV Coordinator. The Coordinator will take in to consideration – among others – that the completion of the service provision might take more than three months, in case it does not affect a longer physical stay, and in case it is indicated and justified clearly. If you want to delay the access to the services, you have to inform us and it will be discussed within the project what is an acceptable time frame.

How much is the overall budget for this grant?

A budget of up to 500.000 € was allocated as an overall budget.

Can I finance laboratory equipment?

The budget only covers costs related to offering these services.

The budget does not cover acquisition of new laboratory equipment or the personnel costs of the applicant.

How will the costs of the selected services estimated?

If you apply to this call, the costs will be checked as part of the evaluation, during the feasibility check. As part of this, a final price estimation for the selected service(s) will be made, based on, for instance, the number of samples. Our TNA access managers will reach out to You for further alignment and information in this phase, if needed, and the details for the price estimation can be clarified in the frames of this dialogue.  

In case of any further question please contact us